Founder's Desk


Education is more than just imparting knowledge. It is about building character and empowering each individual to be an enthusiastic life-long learner and a global citizen of the future. It is making the child ready for real world and developing their own identity. We believe this can be achieved with proper love and care in the school atmosphere, the opportunity to learn and grow, in developing consciences and we thereby are dedicated with all our efforts in making this possible along with providing education a meaningful and enjoyable experience. We strongly believe in the power of trusting the truth and aiming high for one’s overall development. With this vision, our School Shri Sai Public was established on July 1st, 2007. The school has NOC from M.P. Govt.[NOC No. 73-28/2010/20-3 Date 17-06-2010]. Being the new age school, our commitment is to make students not only academically well but to help them realise their own self, their own unique identity in this highly competitive world.

We achieved various milestones in our journey like being recognised with CBSE Delhi. School has provisional status of affiliation. Trust of school that is registered under section 25 of the company Act, 1956 is Adarsh Shiksha Samiti, Dalauda. We look forward for more achievements and milestones by empowering kids and making them future ready for upcoming development of nation.

Director's Desk


We believe in providing students the right knowledge and the ability to impart that right knowledge in their practical life. We believe in making dreams and aspirations of students possible with the best possible environment that we can provide where there is enough opportunities to learn and grow, providing them love and care and enabling them to develop skills and abilities to nurture talent. Our school is just not some sharing of information from teachers to students, it is the exchange of thoughts and ideas, harbour creativity and developing authenticity. We would feel so ecstatic when we will see our students achieving their dreams and becoming a useful resource but we will be more than happy when we will find them being a good human being first. It is very important to realise one’s aspirations but it is greatly important to be a good human being in order to hold that success and become more powerful with the values of kindness and humanity.

We believe in embracing knowledge along with providing them the ethical conduct (doing the right thing right). “Educating the mind without educating the heart is not education” We here at Shri Sai Public School strive to provide experimental learning and creating future leaders.

Principle's Desk


It is indeed an honour to be a part of Shri Sai Public School. The name SSPS itself is the identity of quality education and the all-round development of children over the last two decades. I am really excited to be appointed to this position and look forward to working with a staff dedicated to providing the best possible educational program for our students.

In such a short span of time, there is already a rich history of academic and cultural excellence which is the result of a collegial partnership between the school staff and parents which provides a wide variety of experiences for the students. SSPS aims at spreading the light of education in both urban and rural areas and for the all-round development of students by inculcating moral values and ethics inspired by Indian culture.

Shri Sai Public School is a next-generation school. It has an excellent team and an educational culture in which children practice obedience, consistency, determination, dedication, and loyalty. SSPS is a place where students want to learn in a learning environment and enjoy the academic atmosphere of the campus. Students are being provided with the essentials for proper development for success in a safe and warm environment. SSPS staff work collaboratively with each student's best interest in mind.

We believe in the philosophy of integration which consists of a strong mix of academic, co-curricular, and sports activities. This is further complemented by ensuring awareness on the part of each learner about healthy, responsible, and value-based living.

My message to all the parents and well-wishers is to be involved. This can be accomplished by contacting your ward teacher. Our expectation would be to ensure that you stay abreast of the scholastic and co-scholastic progress of your child so that he/she grows up to be an ideal social being with high moral values. As SSPS believes that character-building also plays a very important role in achieving success. In the coming days, a myriad of events and activities will be planned for all our students. You are also requested to give suggestions to further improve this process of two-way communication.
"Looking forward to meeting all of you."